Ugly Love at Camden's Underworld

Ugly Love is a four piece who perform punk rock with a real energetic burst. The lads recently supported Fearless Vampire Killers on their Diamonds and Disgrace tour and one stop on their way was at Camden's Underworld.

As Ugly Love performed their own blend of punk rock with fast paced lyrics and upbeat tunes, their passion instantly came through in their enthusiastic performance. The fast paced manor in which lead vocalist Tom projected the lyrics was enough to leave a listener out of breath let alone someone singing. You cannot help but be taken in by the way Tom owns the stage. He has quite a dramatic presence as he performs, falling to the ground to really put emphasis on the songs. He sometimes screams sometimes speaks the lyrics as well as singing them, such as on Burn Down The Cinema. Other notable tracks performed include One Hundred Million, Oh No, Here Comes The Space Hawks and Happy Halloween.

The lads went out on a loud song and with Tom jumping into the crowd and getting into the swing of things. All the while the rest of the band never letting little hitches, such as unattached guitar straps get in the way of giving a lively and well performed set.

If Ugly Love sounds like something you may be interested in seeking out, you can download their self titled Ep from their Facebook.