The International Swingers

Glen Matlock, Clem Burke, James Stevenson and Gary Twinn have played thousands of shows across the UK between the four of them, but this was the first time a British crowd has seen them come together as a single unit.

The International Swingers opened their set with a couple of well known songs from the members back catalogue; Steppin' Stone by the Sex Pistols and Blondie's Telephone. These two songs well and truly pumped up the crowd who were then hanging on the band's every word.

For a band that apparently got together to "pay for a holiday to Australia", they sounded extremely tight and appeared to be dedicated to the their music, clearly loving every second they hand on the tiny stage; which sometimes annoyingly, led to them talking for what seemed for a lifetime, which then led to a disgruntled crowd yelling "Play some music!"

Apart from the over-enthusiasm for talking their way through their set, The International Swingers put on an impressive live show. They showed their crowd that they still have what it takes and played an impressive number of new songs including FBI and the controversial Gun Control, as well as treating their die hard fans to some classic tracks that they have created in other projects. One of the highlights of the night came in the form of a cover of What I Like About You by The Romantics; Matlock's and Twinn's British accents contrast to Burke's American tones was amusement in itself.

The Lexington provided the perfect yet intimate setting for The International Swingers gig, and the invite only show seemed to leave fans delighted that the band had finally brought their international swing and swagger to a UK stage.