New Politics

I for one thought Panic! At The Disco's good days were behind them, how wrong I was. This new lineup of the alternative, vintage sounding big beats band is vastly improved and their show has got even better. But enough about them let's discuss the support. All the way from Denmark New Politics.

I was a bit annoyed that I hadn't heard anything about these guys, maybe they're a nobody band or maybe the worse...I'm getting old. It would appear the latter as this trio already have quite a strong following at Nottingham Rock City and it's easy to see why when three guys create amazing music like this.

'Who likes pop music?' lead singer David said before playing the feel good song Just Like Me and proceeding to jump into the crowd only to be appear standing on someone to sing the rest of the song. This band are going to be huge, amazing music created by just three extremely talented people, a great show to watch and the singer breakdances...could you ask for more? They finish with Yeah Yeah Yeah and leave the stage knowing this crowd have officially been warmed up.