Lacey join Patent Pending's Spring Break UK Tour 2014

Nottingham based quartet Lacey have been gigging across the UK for some time now and it seems this show at The Garage in Islington got even more people up on their feet and paying attention.

Opening with the screams of front man Graham singing "I want what's coming to me, I want what's coming my way" from the track Won't Be The Last Time, you knew from this initial track that Lacey was going to open the show as if it were they were the headline act. Following this they performed Hometown and Get Me Out Of Here which were just a few of the tracks that got the crowd clapping along and throwing their fists into the air. The upbeat performance of Burning Out saw Patent Pending's front man Joe joining the stage for some harmonies and a sing along.

The band demonstrated they could also take things down a notch with their performance of the smooth ballad Contender, which the crowd responded to by waving their arms from side-to-side. The set concluded with Reach Out and by the end of the performance, not only had time flown by with the bands energetic performance but by the looks on the faces of the crowd, Lacey had certainly reached out to them and drawn them in with their anthemic sing-a-long choruses to create quite a following that only seems to be getting bigger.

If the bands current EP Outlaws is just not fulfilling your appetite, then you'll be pleased to hear an album is waiting in the wings to be released which can only mean one thing, there is more great things on the way from Lacey.