The Mob Goes Wild

Clutch are one of the most important Rock bands around. Fact. They're one of the last great Rock bands around, with last year's Earth Rocker propelling the band even further than they've been before. Clutch played the same venue last year closer to the release date of that album and it was great, but this year surpassed that show. As a venue The Forum hasn't got the greatest of reputation with the sound, but everything sounded on point this evening, whether you were moshing down the front or enjoying it by the bar, the whole gig was superb. A lot of this is of course down to the fact that Clutch are a truly excellent live band, and with a back catalogue as huge as theirs, there is always the chance that the set list will spring a surprise or two.

As bassist Dan Maines explained to us in an interview beforehand however, the band are still very much on a high after the success of Earth Rocker with at least 70% of the set list containing tunes from that album. Tracks like Crucial Velocity, Book, Saddle & Go and Unto The Breach had the crowd in ecstasy as they sat alongside some of the classics like Profits Of Doom and The Mob Goes Wild perfectly. The thunderous power this band create live is truly stunning with Neil Fallon the maniacal front man pulling all the strings. This London date came in the middle of the UK Tour so it seen the band well on form live. One of the highlights of the set, again came from Earth Rocker , was the extended jam during the phenomenal D.C. Sound Attack. This tune in particular from the latest album is a real crowd favourite, amplified by the excitement a roadie created by bringing out the cowbell just before the encore began. Live, this band create an awesome atmosphere, one that feels like you're part of real rock n' roll party. You'll be sucked in by their brilliantly tight musicianship and will find yourself overcome by the infectious groove.

The crowd throughout was a cacophony of chaos, with ear shattering sing alongs, excitable mosh pits and people across the venue having a good time. This all culminated in the ever present rubber stamp on a Clutch show in the absolutely bonkers Electric Worry/One Eye Dollar combination at the end of the set. Fans in the UK have been a bit spoiled with Clutch shows in the past two years, and long may it continue.