Jetpack Soundtrack

Reports throughout the tour highlight that this has proved to be a very successful run for Lionize. This is the first time the band have toured in the UK and what better way to do it than with your good friends in the legendary Clutch. The Forum is potentially the biggest venue on this tour, but that didn't affect the guys in Lionize one bit who delivered a confident set full of groove, fun and rock n' roll.

This is not a new band in any way; they've got an excellent and varied back catalogue to choose from, which is well worth checking out. This variation across their past albums translates well on stage as a lot of the more reggae heavy stuff mashes well with the more recent outright Rock tunes. The bass driven groove in this band is key, as all those flocking into the venue realised very quickly, with many being drawn over to the stage almost instantly. As well as the very strong funky bass element, as the set progressed, keyboardist Chris Brooks came into his own, brilliantly leading the band in some Deep Purple influenced jams. Tonight at The Forum they were catchy, tight and a perfect opener for Clutch. In the same vein as perhaps bands like Monster Truck, they have this classic rock n' roll feel but they're bringing something fresh, and it translates very well in the live arena.

There wouldn't have been many in the crowd tonight who would have known Lionize's stuff beforehand, but by the end Nate Bergman had them singing along to all the melody's, especially on the tune Breather from the latest album Jetpack Soundtrack. The big anthems live were a hit and as the set drew to a close, one thing was clear this band will be back in the UK before long on their own headline tour and it will go down very well.