Another of the serious rising stars on the Camden Rocks festival line up this year, In Search Of Sun, took to the stage as headliners here tonight at The Barfly and pretty much showed exactly why they’ve been bathing in critical acclaim from certain corners of the music press. The band are certainly favourites here at Room Thirteen, tonight delivering the show with an even greater confidence than they have done in the past.

Anyone who have listened to this band before know frankly what the name of the game is here, and that is the guitars. Not taking away at all the contributions from the other guys in the band as it all melds together to create a genuinely exciting and fresh sound, but the guitar work in particular is at times staggering. Their status in the band was amplified by a circle pit taking place around them as they made their way down to the floor midway through the set which proved an interesting sight.

Opening with one of the leading tracks from their recent self titled album, The World Is Yours ripped through the Barfly and immediately the brilliant intertwining guitar work came into full effect. A great thing about this band live is the fact that they all genuinely look like they’re having a great time doing it - they interact with the crowd, with each other and create an all round good atmosphere. The vocals did unfortunately suffer tonight, as they became lost in the mix ending up sounding too quiet for most of the set. The set list did centre around tracks from the debut record and were all pretty well received with only one track from their old ‘Driven’ days given a spin. One thing that should be said about this set though is the fact that they ended up suffering with a midweek 10pm start. The crowd proved to be much denser for Stoneghost just prior, something that definitely affected the general atmosphere by the end of the set.