Inciting Chaos

We had the privilege of checking out Incite at two separate shows in the last couple of weeks. The first was their support slot with the Cancer Bats (REVIEW LINK) and tonight they were part of the Cavalera party on the Soulfly tour. This was a very different show to the Tufnell Park Dome where the band were on some level looking to convince a new swathe of fans who may not have even heard of them before - tonight they were playing to a crowd who full well knew who they were. Whilst that difference was there, Richie Cavalera and co. showed absolutely no signs of complacency, ripping through their set with such a fervent level of intensity the band’s performance was still very much on the forefront of everybody’s minds long after the gig was over.

As you might expect, the band’s music is rooted firmly in that Brazilian Metal Groove - you could have walked in to this gig with absolutely no idea who they were and you still will have become engrossed enough to bounce your head around like a loon. Their performances as of late really do bode well for the new record because if even a shred of this energy translates in the studio it could be very big for them indeed.

Whilst they wouldn’t ever say it, there is no doubting the fact that as a band Incite sit firmly under Max Cavalera’s wing. The set at Islington was short tonight, but they’re getting to the point where soon enough they’ll be checked out based on their own merits rather than “that band with one of the Cavalera’s”. It’s overdue, but if they maintain performances like this and the new album strikes the right chord later this year then they’ll have no problem shedding that tag.