Patent Pending - Spring Break Tour

Pop punk quintet Patent Pending returned to the UK for a headlining tour which saw them rolling into London on Monday night. The Garage was quieter than anticipated; perhaps that was the effect of having a rock show on a Monday night, but the room was full of energy nonetheless. With the crowd suitably warmed up by Big Pond Small Fish and Boy Jumps Ship, there were incredibly loud cheers as the Patent Pending boys made their way to the stage one-by-one.

Positivity in bands isn't often portrayed in live shows despite how much they promote it, but with Patent Pending , positivity can be seen and felt through both the band and crowd throughout the night. Those that have seen Patent Pending before will know that the band has always encourage their fans to be strong despite depression, prior to launching into One Less Heart To Break frontman Joe Ragosta gave a heartfelt speech about his own battle with depression and inspired his fans by telling them that they should not let anyone; especially themselves, get in the way of achieving their dreams.

Patent Pending’s set was bursting with energy and only slowed down when Joe told a story of how his daughter had broken her leg while he has been on tour, before playing an acoustic version of Spin Me Around.

True to form, Patent Pending did not disappoint, these boys are on point and have the knack of delivering a high octane show while building a close relationship with their audience. Sounds such as Hey Mario, Douchebag and Psycho In Love whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and as the band’s set came to a close, it was evident that their fans were still wanting more.

Patent Pending were on point, their presence and delivery improves every time they tour, as well as sounding amazing, the band did a stellar job in creating an incredible atmosphere and ensuring everyone left with a massive smile on their face.