Robot Stop

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, as well as having one of the best band names in recent history, are an excellent seven piece Australian Psychedelic Rock outfit who's stock is seriously starting to explode at the moment. The band have already had a big 2016, playing a sold out show in Camden's Electric Ballroom earlier in the year and performing at a host of European festival shows including at Reading & Leeds just a couple of weeks ago. Their hard-working ethic on record (there have been EIGHT albums since 2012) also translates in to the live scene where despite playing some truly extensive tours never seem to show any level of fatigue or wane in any way. As soon as they hit the stage at Electric Brixton tonight, the energy weaving between all seven of them exploded in an abundance of catchy guitar licks, continual sing along moments and machine like precision causing the crowd in front of them to absolutely burst with continual exuberance from start to finish.

With seven of them on stage, as a live show you will often find yourself becoming transfixed on one or two of them before something else catches your eye (usually Ambrose Kenny-Smith bounding around like a maniac on the left hand side). The eclectic nature of each band member makes for some genuinely addictive viewing - the music is great but their whole image and persona is what helps make it special. Whilst we're sure in the studio the effectiveness may be heightened a bit more, we were left a little puzzled at times as to why exactly they needed two drummers though. Both were excellent at their craft, but they were pretty much in sync for the majority so on the whole didn't add too much.

Set list wise the band gave their newest release Nonagon Infinity a lot of attention, clearly looking delighted that opener to the show Robot Stop garnered the kind of response that it did despite still being relatively new. Sticking with the set list for a moment as well, a really cool touch was the fact that the band closed on the set with a Robot Stop reprise. Now they haven't got all Europe on us who feel like they need to play The Final Countdown several times in a set, rather it proved to be a clever way for the set to be wrapped in to what felt like a fully enclosed experience. This is also consistent with their new album which runs in an infinite loop.

Overall then, Electric Brixton proved to be the perfect venue to house King Gizzard's psychedelic party. There was barely a lull in the set with the energy levels remaining high from both the band and crowd. A crowd who in pockets were very young, boding well for this band's appeal across different demographics going forward. Top show.