Steel Panther remind us that heavy metal's back

Wembley was filled with spandex on Saturday night as Steel Panther made their return to the legendary stage.

While heading out to Wembley this reviewer tried recounting all of the previously attended spandex loving Steel Panther, and to be honest this was the first time that anxiety surrounding their live show had crept in considering the fact that their latest single She's Tight is sub-par at best. Would this end up being a show dominated by tracks from their latest album Lower The Bar? Thankfully it wasn't.

The crowd at Wembley erupted as Michael Starr and co hit the stage, a cascade of blow-up guitars and beer simultaneously went flying into the air. Steel Panther's show was surprisingly low budget, gone were the video screens and tit cams, but the band proved that they did not need gimmicks or distraction to put on a killer show; however, pouting bassist Lexxi Foxxx proved some things never change by spending much of the night applying lipstick and preening his waist-length locks in a full-length mirror.

Something else that remained in the show was Satchel's seemingly endless guitar solo which features the work of Guns N Roses among others, it also sees the uber skilled guitarist backing up himself on the bass drum.

Steel Panther's set-list almost read like a greatest hits album; Community Property, Asian Hooker, Party All Day and just about any other Steel Panther song you could name were all played with perfection.

It seems crazy that the spoof heavy metal band who began life as a turn-of-the-millennium in-joke on Los Angeles's Sunset Strip, are now headlining arenas but hey, hats or maybe spandex off to Steel Panther as under all the jokes and innuendo, they are an extremely talented bunch who deserve their success.