Buckcherry effortlessly rocked Wembley

Buckcherry have the honour of being Steel Panther's opening act on their arena tour. There is always that concern as an opening act that you may be playing to an empty room, but immediately that just wasn't the case for Buckcherry because as they hit the stage at Wembley the 'fanthers' were already out early and eager for entertainment, and these guys certainly did not disappoint.

Buckcherry front-man Josh Todd set the scene for the night as he effortlessly owned the stage, slinking around grinding his hips, perfectly hitting note after note a real pleasure to watch.

Buckcherry were a tight unit, and proved why they have had such a long career, a special mention should go to bassist Jeff Rouse who slipped seamlessly into the fold, if you didn't recognise him from other projects, it would not have necessarily crossed your mind that he may not be a full time or longstanding member of Buckcherry. Wembley Arena became filled with big sing along anthems as the likes of Crazy Bitch, Lit and Sorry came pouring off of the stage.

The highlight of Buckcherry's set came in the form of a cover of Icona Pop's I Love It which the band have given a little makeover and now dubbed it Fuck It. The revved up version of that song is certainly something that'll stick firmly in your brain.

These guys ooze sex appeal and swagger, they all have an effortless cool and are great performers, hopefully it wont be too long until they find themselves back on British soil.