Check Them Out Live Whenever Possible

Having released three records now, Kvelertak find themselves quite a well established Metal band in Europe and the US, which has resulted in them receiving a surprise Gold Album Plaque from the unfussy-collaborating-addict, super friendly, rock n' roll, -'pushing the moral boundaries of what it is to be socially accepted as the nicest person of all time'-, ex-drummer, Dave Grohl. Some would say at the very least they have 'made it.' Surprisingly the gig isn't sold out, which undermines how good they are live - if a band sounds better live than on record, it's Kvelertak from Norway.

The band is introduced by a terrifying owl mask worn by frontman Erland Hjelvik, which looks like the introduction of a satanic ritual from Bohemian Grove. For a band with three guitar players they sound amazingly tight and technically proficient, whilst maintaining a hugely energetic and chaotic live performance. The band rumbles through a diverse set, picking songs from all previous records, guitar players crowd surf and Hjelvik repeatedly spits into the air, then runs face first into the torpedoing mucus, as if he's recently been medically diagnosed as being an absolute lunatic.

They sound great and amazingly confident as they play old hits such as Ultrydd dei Svake, Blodtorst, Manelyst and Mjod combined with new tracks such as 1985, Berserkr and Ondskapens Galaske. The new album Nattesferd has somewhat polarised fans, given its new style of straight up classic/glam metal, but it sounds great live and tonight its received well by the crowd. After seeing them perform many times over the years, you stand in awe at their ability to remain so passionate and vigorous night after night, and the bands erupts into jubilant celebration as their set comes to an end, with the drummer and guitar player getting passed through the crowd as if Electric Ballroom FC have just won the Heavy Metal World Cup, with drummer Kjetil Gjermundrod scoring the decisive penalty kick with a cheeky little dink over the keeper. It's a jubilant affair and they don't disappoint. Check them out live whenever possible.