It was a hot one

Hot from their gig supporting Frank Turner at London's Roundhouse, Deux Furieuses played a headline show at The Islington showcasing tracks from their album Tracks Of Wire and some new ones too with 'hot' being the key word all round.

Opening up with Wired To Hate the duo immediately hit into their trademark groove that has caught the eye of the likes of Frank Turner - powerful riffs, controlled aggression and creative hard hitting alternative rock. All tracks were played on the night as if their lives depended on it and in some of the more popular lyrical content they really made you feel lives did matter to them - such as on Are We Sexy Enough? and Now You're Gonna Listen where the youth were congratulated for going out to vote in the recent general election!

Full credit to the duo to play such a blistering set in searing temperature of the venue, not once taking a break but fighting through for everyone's pleasure - maybe the venue owners had a cunning ploy to make the large crowd buy more drink, not that we needed an excuse of course.

Final track This Is A Red Line was finished to the justifiable cheers and demands for a second encore. Or so everyone thought it was the final track (including the band themselves). Luckily for those that hung around and not headed to the exit straight away, they were treated to an impromptu jam with guest singer Bruno Wizard of The Rejects and The Homosexuals fame (for the youngsters - both pioneering punk bands from the 70's, the latter still going today). Bruno's lyrical genius still there for all to see as the, now, trio clicked on the same wavelength.

Once again a superb set from the duo, proving they own the small stage but we already knew that, a week previous we found out they belong on the big stage too.