Akercocke - Glasgow Audio

Akercocke kicked off the Inner Sanctum tour at Glasgow Audio, Glasgow's best extreme metal venue. The band have been justifiably riding high, following the release of the stunning artistic statement, that is the Renaissance in Extremis album.

It is a gig full of atmospheric waves of sound and floating melodic phrases, flowing off the Audio stage; punctured by the most brutal of death metal sections. All driven by David Grey's stunning polyrhythmic drumming. Throughout, Jason Mendonca leads the band into the deepest of musical and emotional connections, with an appreciative Glasgow audience.

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The set begins, with the band getting ready to launch at the crowd, while a gentle post-rock soundtrack permeates around the stage. Then the guitars crash in, and Jason unleashes the most unnerving of death metal screams, and we are into the opening Horns of Baphomet. The combination of sections driven by intense blast beats, and then more languid melodic guitar phrases, is simply breathtaking.

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Insentience from the new album is a set highlight, with its beautiful opening guitar phrases, and an emotionally wrought vocal, which Jason puts everything into. The two guitars hit a real frenetic high with ringing notes and phrases cascading into the audience. Guitarist Paul Scanlan's solo is resonant of John Coltrane's sheets of sound technique, and is simply amazing.

With Sam Loynes now playing keyboards live with the band, the musical palette of the band has expanded expediently, and Jason and Sam's harmony vocals provide further musical nuances.

Akercocke end a stunning set with the musically ambitious A Particularly Cold September, also from the new album. Written by Paul, live it is a soaring musical suite, with radically contrasting instrumental sections. The spoken word introduction is led by keyboard player Sam Loynes, with Jason playing some lilting phrases on trumpet. The song moves into a spine tingling final section, where Paul launches into the most gorgeous of ascending guitar solos. With his eyes closed he is fully in the moment with his playing, and the impact is quite emotional.

Jason puts his hand on his heart, and declares to the Audio audience, that its been an "absolute honour". We are lucky to have a band like Akercocke, who are constantly evolving their music, and play with such emotional conviction. We should treasure them!

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