Glamour of the Kill Camden Underworld

They have shared the stage with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Avenge Sevenfold and Yashin yet it was back in 2015 after eight years of touring and making music that York quartet Glamour of the Kill decided to call it quits and head away from the limelight. With such talented musicians as these guys, it is no wonder that withdrawal symptoms kicked in and the beam and bright lights of the stage called them back.

After having been away from the limelight for some time (has it really been three years!), it was a great pleasure to see the return of Yorkshire lads Glamour of the Kill this evening; it was as if they had never been away. The music was just as loud as it has ever been; the band just as energetic (if not more) and the crowd loved every single minute of it. The guys were able to play an array of tunes from their back catalogue, including Lights Down and the song where it all started Rise From Your Grave. Watching these guys perform, it was as if they have never been away. Everyone got back into the swing of things and made it a night to remember.

From the way in which this night concluded, expect much more to come from Glamour of the Kill, including a new album Resurrection coming soon. Davey Richmond and Mike Kingswood will be playing four special shows this week with "songs from the band, covers and stories from the road!" If you can catch them doing what they do best, what a night it will be.