Genie In a Rock-Fest

There seem to be two types of metal bands that have female vocalists. There are those that sing with melodic, harmonic, operatic vocals and those that scream their little hearts out. Normally, the latter fall flat on their arses and fail to display the slightest bit of talent.

Invey are the screaming kind of Femme Fatale band and despite the fact that front-woman, and ex-Vogue model, Claire Natalie resembles Christina Aguilera – she proves that to be a successful female-lead bad you don’t have to be a professionally trained opera singer.

As Claire rip her throat to shreds, hardly able to speak in between songs, the rest of the band reel out killer riffs and a thumping low-end that causes your whole body to spasm in time with the music.

Despite a depleted crowd, bands like Invey give music the soul and passion it needs. They remind you that music is about one thing – the music. From start to finish their set entices you and leaves you fixated.