Three Ladies & A Violin

Last year Elbow played on the same stage as Muse for their 2003 tour – yet a year on they’ve made enough of a name for themselves to be playing the NME stage on the same night as Muse at this year’s V Festival.

Elbow are a good band, they’re a diverse band – and live they are loved by their fans. The problem is that even if they manage to draw a large crowd, they can’t draw my attention.

One thing is common at V amongst all the bands – your fans will stick by you no matter what. To some degree this is true at other events – yet you get a feeling that here the fans care less about music and more about the band. Elbow are another one of these bands – there is nothing remarkable about their live set.

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Their performance is, in fact, very good – few musicians gel as well as these and Elbow are a band you have to hear. Not everyone can pull off three extra ladies playing violin after all.

They may well captivate your musical tastes – just not mine.

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