Dancing Groupies Ahoy

Missing the first thirty seconds of their set whilst rushing from the Music Choice stage Im set to see 10,000 Things who have replaced Thirteen Senses on the NME stage.

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Ringing through the field are killer guitar riffs that seem to vanish for the rest of their set which is a shame as the band quite clearly have some talent that is not explored properly for the rest of the set.

The remainder of the set continues in a humorous way with the question raised as to whether or not eating is cheating. After all sucking is not fucking. Not quite the theories of Stephen Hawking but they do amuse the small crowd gathered directly in front of the NME stage.

As the set draws to a close a (male) groupie dances around the stage in a way befitting someone at a rather scary dance club.

Musically, nothing special but they are worth a watch for a fun performance if nothing else.

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