Gallows have been forced to cancel UK shows after a nasty accident which saw overenthusiastic frontman Frank Carter split his head open onstage during their show at Stoke Sugarmill.

As a result of this the Dundee and Middlesborough dates will be rescheduled for December, but the rest of the tour will continue as planned.

Frank has said:
"So while I was singing "Nervous Breakdown" I managed to trip over some kid and plant my head firmly into a monitor. I was pretty fucked up and it took me a while to get to my feet. When I eventually did manage to stand up it was quite apparent from the faces in the front row that I wasn't ok. I managed to put a one-inch deep gash in the top of my head and had blood running from my hairline to my chin. I finished the song and then went out to check my head was ok. Our guitar tech and good friend Nidge had a look at it and decided I needed some stitches. I went to A&E in Stoke and had my head glued back together. By the time I had got back to venue the show was over and I was gutted."

"I want to say thank you to my youngest brother Richard Carter from Blackhole who stood in and finished the set for us...thanks fella. However, it didn't end there! Unfortunately I have mild concussion and so have had to pull the next few shows to get my head back together and make sure I don't take any more serious knocks. My most sincere apologies to anyone who was coming out to the shows. You have no idea how gutted I am we had to cancel the shows."