Sinister sounding scuzzy rock with a punk edge...

'Kaptain Black' is perhaps a frighteningly fitting name for this Welsh trio as they unleash their sinister sounding debut of dirty Rock 'n' Roll. The band likes to describe themselves as 'Blunktry', supposedly a mixture of Blues, Punk and Country. However, of the three genres it is the Punk that seems to push to the forefront of Kaptain Black's sound.

In Fertility is a relatively short album, but this perfectly suits their punchy, raw, Punky feel, and the shortest tracks on this album are in many cases the best. The opening track, 'Coming Outside', although only one minute and ten seconds long, has a great scuzzy sound and incorporates more of a garage rock feel, with a hypnotic bass line and raw-as-sandpaper vocals that combine with catchy guitar hooks to great effect. 'Timmy Zuckermann' is another standout track, its vocals become almost schizophrenic at this point, switching from a soft whisper to a frenzied scream in the blink of an eye, while the catchy hooks and great melody make it a track that stays with you long after the album has finished. 'Of Course I'm Off Course' is equally impressive; after a punchy opening the raw, punky feel is kept alive by the sneering, militant vocals, intoxicating melody, fantastic riffs, and sinister sounding edge, while 'Overeaten' returns to the more scuzzy, garage rock sound of 'Coming Outside' and, again, manages to create a mixture of noise and confusion with a catchy melody.

Throughout 'In Fertility' there is a dark, razor sharp edge to Kaptain Black's sound, and despite only being a three-piece, the band manage to make a huge sound- a wall of dirty rock noise. Overall, although the longer tracks, such as 'Metawhore', 'Drone the Queen Bee' and 'Learn to Deal With Your Own Particular Problem', take a little more concentration than the shorter, more instantly likeable tracks, Kaptain Black have produced an album that is bursting with raw energy that leaves you feeling exhausted. This will be an interesting band to watch as they embark on their UK tour later this year.