'Baby I'm Tired'. Wish I wasn't, but I am.

'Baby I'm Tired' has a definite 60's feel to it and a groove that relaxes you into the Lava Lamp and funky fake fur world that appears to be the natural habitat of this number. Unfortunately the vocals don't match the music and appear at times to be strained. This is a well written song, but well written for a different vocal delivery.

'By The Hour', with its acoustic guitar and keyboard sounds that drip like musical rain only to move into a fuller, more mature wave of rippling style, is still in-keeping with this form of music, but here the vocals are more relaxed and the overall effect is to produce a far superior number.

This EP rounds off with 'It's About Time', which is one of those songs that appears to come from the list of 'music to dine to'. It lacks anything to really mark it out as memorable.

You cannot deny Si Connelly's ability to put a groove tune together, but the lack of really distinctive vocals is where 'Baby I'm Tired' falls down. 'By The Hour' is by far the superior number here and is a better example of the singer/songwriter theme.