One hit and you’re down!

Three Movements have achieved a trip through time and space that will have Pink Floyd lovers trying to figure out why there aren’t more bands like this around. The answer to that one is that there are, but not of this calibre. These guys have talent by the bucket load

They’ve produced a sound and feeling of such intensity that you cannot fail to connect to it. There are great vistas of music that roll like some epic thunder storm around your head. These form a backdrop and are punctuated by sounds so beautiful and strong, so strong that this just gets inside your head and stays there. Matthew Hughes’s vocals have that strength, but at the same time manage to convey a brittleness akin to glass. Restrained percussion that explodes when needed in a display of breath taking feeling, Strings and guitars mix together in a way that spins your head.

This is a very sophisticated sound that balances the diverse elements that go to make it a ‘stand alone’ piece. There is little to criticise musically here as the rhythms and melodies are a perfect fit. However, perhaps that is the only negative point, it is too perfect. The intenseness can be overwhelming. Overall though, it is a mind blowing journey.