Shallow sunny sounds

They open with 'Second Place'; a simple chord driven number that's very commercial in tone. It has a held back feeling to it in places but is really just one of those bop-a-long tunes. The title track 'Electrified' is just an array of spat words interspersed among a boring beat. With no show of imagination here it's strange that they follow this number up with 'Small'- a vast improvement on the talent seen so far with a 'fuzz and ping' style. It's just unfortunate that vocally it's far from challenging.

Flowing more smoothly 'She Likes It' proves to be more commercial, pulling a pop-punk influence that hearkens back to the 70's and the sanitized sounds pumped out of the radio then. It tries to spit in your face, but winds up gobbing in yer lap. As for 'Ringalingaling', anyone calling a song this then adding a bouncy beat deserves to hear this played at countless kiddies' parties as some form of purgatory.

'It Happens All The Time' and 'Call It Even' are probably the best tracks on this album; the former smacking of 60/70's stylising with no deviation from a strong beat. The latter provides a spikyness that works in with the vocals and fuzzy pop punk back ground.

'Electrified' is an album for the fluffy pink punkettes. A young lady by the name of Avril Lavinge has done this kinda stuff, but dare it be said...with a harder edge and wider appeal than this. Already Dressy Bessy have served up something that over all is just a bit Silly Billy.