Nice beats, shame about the vocals. Still, this is an admirable attempt to marry the world of Indie with that of electronica; the latter in the style of Boards of Canada and the various other electronic acts that take the beats of hip-hop as their starting point .It's the Indie influence that's the main problem though as the vocals bare a resemblance to Chris Martin, not an altogether disaster as there are obviously people out there who like that sort of thing.

"Bloodstream" is constructed from abstract hip hop beats, a plaintive piano line and some nice attention to detail while "Exit" toughens up the beats, adds some stirring strings and a hypnotic electronic synth line. "Inscape" drifts along with little consequence but "Blueface" ends the EP with a flourish: starting off inauspiciously with electronic piano and some minor beats before building in some striking electronic effects, it peaks with a sonic barrage that's speaker splitting.