More hook laden, 80s influenced electro rock from the New York five-piece...

First released as a limited edition debut E.P in late 2004, 'Unconditional' sold out in days, and was responsible for kicking off the waves of praise that now swell around The Bravery. Now re-released as the third single from their critically acclaimed self-titled album, 'Unconditional' immediately kicks off with an explosion of influences; the spacey, twinkling keyboards hark back to the likes of A-Ha and Duran Duran, while the distraught abandon of Sam Endicott's vocals are haunted by echoes of Morrissey and Robert Smith Meanwhile, the driving guitars and rippling bass line bring the track right up to date in the style of bands like The Strokes and The Killers, while as the pounding drum beats and dance rhythms reflect the band's post punk dance rock roots.

But whether the dark electro rock sound of The Bravery is your cup of tea or not, 'Unconditional' is undeniably catchy; its driving beats breathlessly build as the song soars to its exhilarating climax, with a melody that proves why this band are regarded as master at creating of hook laden electro rock anthems. Like it or loathe it, its almost impossible not to lose yourself, if only for a moment, in 'Unconditional''s hip-shaking pop hooks.