Das Oath- we swear by them

This CD is shot through with amazing music and rips your throat out vocals. Das Oath have stormed the stage, look out world!

Das Oath open this album with “The Kult Starts (Some W)here”- a fantasy mixture of punk, metal and eastern bazaar. This is a medley of mayhem and structure and the scene for the subtle lead into “Great News From The South Pole”, with a brilliant hardcore sound that doesn’t stop throughout the rest of the album.

Moving into “Awesome Rape”, a more traditional punk sound- A number is so good that Sex Pistol lovers will be looking around for the original initiators of this style.

“Quieti: Subtle Pretext Chimming In” has hardcore vocals melting (if that’s possible!) into metal and punk. And “Blood Oranges” is an accomplished number that evokes once again the original anarchic feelings that spawned punk rock, and when combined with “Comatose Life Of Wonderment”, it gives you a double hit of musical intensity that takes you somewhere else.

“The Great Anything” and “The Virtue Of Elitism” are again numbers about noise. Das Oath manage to tie together so many elements, like holding a handful of fireworks that are all going off at once in different directions, but ultimately are one fire in your hand.

“Oh Gruesome Lunar Cycle” and “Disney Surgery” are both full of melodic chords that amazingly compliment the screeching vocals. And “Get Out Of Your Scene” is like watching raw meat being thrown to a pack of wild dogs. Exciting and yet terrifying at the same time.

“Nobody’s Married Me In Years” is just…wow! After the speed of the previous numbers, this takes you by complete surprise. Amazing electronics leave you feeling like you are in a horror movie and can’t see what’s about to tear your head off, which makes “A Biggot Is A Spic” a scream of relief. “Harmonized” is again the hardcore punk, metal mix that Das Oath do so well.

The finale to this album is not only great music but an inspired… well, lets just say you need to hear it to know why you will be hanging there begging for more.

Das Oath’s brilliant linking of each number makes this one of those things that once you start you just have to finish in one go. After you have turned this album on you won’t turn it off. Das Oath have a sound that is all their own, but as a creation it will influence anyone who really listens to it. Their own quote sums it all up: “Some people never go crazy…What truly miserable lives they must lead.”