Not enough impact

'Soleil' is one of those numbers that has the flavour of summer running through it, like a romp across a field of spiced up 60's flowers. There is no doubt about the quality of this song with its haunting vocalisation, in particular the sinuous hypnotic sway that Iain manages to inflect in his voice.

'Canal Song (End Of Sentence)' is a gentle acoustic track that manages to display the laid back vulnerable style that is very reminiscent of Donovan. This lends to the song the quality of those moments of soakin' up some rays and chillin' with the world. This is a song that will appeal to the flowerchild inside people.

Both of these tracks are skilfully put together and display an understanding of what they are about and are trying to say. What they suffer from is not having enough impact to fire them into your mind and make them stick.