The UK's answer to LeAnn Rimes? Er, not quite

Fiona Culley has been billed as the UK's answer to LeAnn Rimes and cites her influences as Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, Bon Jovi and AC/DC. If you were excited by either of those statements... don't be, as 'Daddy's Girl' doesn't in fact sound remotely like any of them.

Originally penned with Paris Hilton's pop career in mind, Culley reportedly fell so completely in love with the song that she had co-written with producer Ryan Laubscher that she decided to keep it for herself. 'Daddy's Girl' blends Culley's love of country with bouncy, up-tempo power-pop, which in itself is no bad thing, yet the sugary vocals, cheesy guitar solo and stereotypical mandolin and fiddle simply stand to highlight the very worst aspects of both genres. 'Forever Man' is even more cringe-worthy with yet more sickly lyrics that surely can only appeal if you're female, approximately nine years-old and your favourite colour is pink. It's a shame, because in truth, Fiona Culley does sound like she has a voice that's capable of much, much more.