A forlorn Indie track from these US rockers

With it's an interesting synth pop start; I was duped into believing this might be some kind of pop tune. Takota are firmly in the Indie band category, with fast, melodic guitar riffs and vocals not too dissimilar to Brian Molko of Placebo, except a little tinnier, with more screaming here and there. The flavour of this track is somewhat sobering and forlorn with lines like "Saddest Satellite" and "there'll be time for a sorry tomorrow". The guitars are still quite heavy however, with some solid drumming. Towards the end, we are treated to a female chorus, which certainly helps round off the track.

There is that American Indie band feel to the music certainly. Takota are opening up for Atreyu on their latest tour and with an album under their belt as well, it seems like things are looking up for this new Indie band. It's not a track that breaks any new ground and it won't quite stick in your memory but it feels solid and is certainly worth keeping your ears out for.