The Stalkers offer up infectious vintage punk in chaotic style

The Stalkers are a punk band with bite from Brooklyn, New York, with a wild rock n' roll reputation. The listed influences on their MySpace page is a mix of classic punk and rock, including bands like the Buzzcocks, as well as Elvis Presley. And while this song may certainly be from the Buzzcocks stable, the vocals seem more Elvis Costello than Elvis Presley, with the lead singer's lip-curling melodies and gravelly tone.

The single 'Yesterday Is No Tomorrow' is a punchy, hard-hitting punk tune that makes you want to dance your socks off. Immediately catchy, the track boldly jumps straight into the title lyrics with no warning; that's no bad thing though, because it sets up the whole attitude of the song from the first note. The abrupt start knocks you sideways and leads you into an up-tempo orgy of crashing drums and bouncing guitar riffs with the traditional rebellious attitude. Running throughout there's an appealing vintage feel to the music, and you can almost imagine it being played in a smoky 70s nightclub. The B-side continues this theme, as it's a cover of the 1966 Rolling Stones track 'Take It Or Leave It.' Hardly the Stones' most well known of songs, this choice says a lot about the band's musical tastes and aspirations, and while the track is very similar to the original and gives little new to the song, it suits the sound of the band and is a testament to how the Stalkers can bring the tempo up and down with equal ease.