A New Day - Perfect Passion

Remember when hardcore was fun? I do. It was from the summer of 2003 right up until some point last year. The Nexus in Southampton was jam packed every Saturday night, I’d drink copious amounts of Snakebite and Black make a fool of myself on the dancefloor, walk home, drink more pass out. A fantastic, if a little blurry, period of my life.

The thing out about good things, is that they invariably come to an end. Recently, I have grown to despise the ‘scene’. Not necessarily because of the music, not even because of the untimely passing of Nexus, but mainly because it is populated mainly by self involved fan boys who populate scene more for the image than for the music. I miss the music.

‘A New Day’ remind of everything I used to like about hardcore. Not because I think they’re a breath of fresh air (they’re not), but they’re an amalgamation of every band I liked during the above period. Fun to listen to, without pretence and somewhat talented they really are worth listening to. Their EP ‘Perfect Passion’ is tasty teaser of things to come from these guys from South Wales.

’14-15’ provides a wonderfully aggressive beginning to an EP which doesn’t really have many weak points. Fast paced and unrelenting it encompasses everything that’s good about the band. Drawing on various different genres, it’s jam packed full of action and the perfect illustration of what a good opener for an record should be.

‘Koko ni dare mo imasen’ picks up where ’14-15’ finished and proves to be even more of a success. More aggressive, more technical and perversely slightly poppy.

There’s something that bothers me about this record. If you listen closely, there are small traces of ‘Funeral for a Friend’. Only minor traces, but traces none the less. I’ll pass on them, because I don’t want to sully what is essentially a very good effort with association to those who should not be named.

Anyway, I’m not even sure if this is being released on a label. The CD looks quite shoddy, like it’s been mass burned on someone’s PC. I haven’t got much of a press release so I can’t really tell you about how it’s going to be released. Visit www.myspace.com/anewdayuk for material. Seriously.