Bluesey, samey, American-style rock

Well, reading the press-release doesn't exactly fill me with confidence! "Hailing from Greece", "Wahwah happy" and "bastard children of Down and Clutch" does not fill me with confidence.

I was never much of a Clutch fan; I often felt their music didn't really go anywhere - that there was no vibrancy to it, no low to high transitions. So I'm not sure what to say about Planet of Zeus. I could turn around and say they've ripped off Clutch completely which, in my eyes, makes them totally awful.

However, this would be unfair. There are differences. "Something's Wrong" sounds similar to Clutch, with the lead singer apparently trying to sing with a gherkin stuffed down his throat. He couldn't be singing out of the corner of his mouth more! Fortunately it doesn't last and the vocals return to something a little more familiar - an odd mix between Down and Nickleback. Unlike Clutch, the songs seem a little more varied and with less of a boring streak, though only just. At least, thats my take. No offence to Clutch fans here.

There is a familirity with Pearl Jam. The grunge sound is certainly in effect. Indeed, the band do describe themselves as "Stoner Rock". Fair enough, but I doubt you'll get anything particularly memorable out of this band. "Supernothing" is perhaps the best example of their sound. It's a little less grungey, though still bluesy. The pace changes quite a bit throughout the song, and theres certainly more of a dynamic going on here.

Im tempted to say something along the lines of "stick with Clutch" or "go the full nine and listen to Down". I doubt very much that anything on this record will make a very big impact. Sure, theres some good variety; "Same Mistakes" is pretty slow but thick with powerful riffs similar to "D 'N B" (though the latter contains some very annoying, half-arsed picklemouth singing!) whereas "Eat me Alive" is somewhat livelier.

No, listen to this if you are a fan of bluesey style, southern American state sounding hard-rock. It's well produced, well played and well pieced together though sadly Just try to ignore the corner-mouth singing and the fact that, yes, you'll be thinking of Clutch when you listen to them! I suspect I've talked more about that particular band than this one. Maybe that tells you something about them?