Brilliant sound but where are the vocals?

A young newcomer to the scene. Warpath are a collection of pretty boys in black, sporting the long hair and mastery of several speedy riffs, crushing drum rhythms and pounding bass. They're backed by some of metal's heavyweights; legendary guitarist James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary) helped master this particular album. Not only that, but we have a video CD as well! Fantastic.

Yes, unlike many contemporaries, this band do have a unique sound, mixing in fast lead solos, bass solos and changes of pace throughout. The tunes are quite long, with only 8 tracks on the entire album. However, there's enough to keep you going and you won't loose interest. There's a feeling of Megadeth in here somewhere I feel and I like that.

Opening with a harmony of voices, slightly reminiscent of Metallica in sound, Warpath bring a solid metal sound to the fore. Sure, there's perhaps an excess of double bass pedal again, but we like that sort of thing. The guitars are solid and the sound is tight. The harmony effect on the vocals begins to bore after a while however and its not surprising that Warpath let their instruments speak for them in the main. The lyrics aren't exactly inspiring and the vocals are simply shouted, not sung; not even in a guttural manner.

But then, this is thrash and we are really in it for face-melting solo work and pounding, bass heavy riffs and bridges and we certainly get that. Overall the album has a similar sound but there are one or two spots where things change. Vocally, "Face to Face" shows improvement. "Spitting Blood" starts off slower than the rest with a cool sounding bass solo, moving into all out guitar fever.

The problem with this album, and there is one, is that the vocals are simply boring! It's just no fun at all. Sure, he doesn't sing badly, but there's a definite lack of passion here. There are no ups or downs - it's all 'in-between' and that lets the side down massively. Still, it is the only real criticism one can make.

If you like a little thrash (and lets face it, you are reading RoomThirteen so I'll assume you do) you should pick up this little gem. It's fun, new and well put together. Sure, it's not going to take it's place beside Metallica's Justice or Slayers "Reign in Blood" but if you either of these albums knocking around (and you should!) check these guys out.