Infectious Indie-Rock, but fails to excite

Currently in the middle of a US tour (including dates with The Killers) Hot Hot Heat return with 'Middle of Nowhere', the second sunshine single from their highly praised album, 'Elevator'.

'Middle of Nowhere' shows a more laid back side of Hot Hot Heat, very different to the raucous, erratic 'Bandages' from 2002's break through album 'Make Up the Breakdown' and the punk attack of their last single, 'Goodnight, Goodnight'.

'Middle of Nowhere' has a twinkling, spangly start full of catchy, metallic sounding guitar, while Steve Bays' distinctive vocals don't disappoint, sounding as typically anxious and fractious as ever. Although fairly unexciting first time through, 'Middle of Nowhere' is the kind of track that becomes gradually more infectious with every listen, but while this sauntering mid-range romp is nice enough, it somehow fails to really shift out of first gear and lacks the electric energy that usually makes this band so exciting.

You can't fail to like what is, overall, a pleasant enough single for the summer - but don't expect it to change your life.