From Surprise To Surprise

Very few bands (especially in the metal scene) have been able to achieve in their whole career what Johnny Truant have been able to do within a month: playing at the Donington Park, a live session at the Maida Vale Studios thanks to an invite from BBC radio. All this and they didn't even have more than 1 album out!

Well here they are back with their second album, 'In the Library of Horrific Events', out on the 17th October. The whole idea of this album dates back to 2003 after a performance at the Kerrang! weekender when the band was approached by Killswitch Engage guitarist and oh so famous producer Adam Dutkiewicz. The magic has happened which led to this powerful album.

Why will this album surely be a success for the band? Easy: the lead single 'The Bloodening' has been dowloaded more than 100,000 times!!

Each track on this album is divided into chapters so instead of having 10 different tracks you will actually experience 99 different ambiances. There is no pause between the tracks so that you can not have any rest!
Each and every track on this album has killer guitar riffs, especially on 'Throne Vertigo' where Stuart Hunter reveals all his talent, but there's no need to be a thrash metal fan to appreciate it. Couple those riffs with Olly Mitchell's vocals and you have one of the best tracks of the album.
With the different chapters you get on each and every song, you never know what to expect next. The last one on 'Vultures' is another example of Stuart Hunter's talent, as you will experience a more sensitive side, yes my dears they can do that as well!

'Footprints in the Thunder' is the perfect ending to this album mixing everything the band can do: heavy vocals, classic and thrash sound, dark lyrics...what else can you ask for?

What Johnny Truant has achieved is to show that they're able to mix the heavier sounds with more classic metal tunes and vice versa. All along the album you go from surprise to surprise and you understand why this band has such a success. Even if you're not into heavy metal you must admit one thing: these guys deserve every bit of their success and their fans will certainly not be disappointed with their new opus. I must admit one thing; the most striking part of this album is definitely the guitars as you just get into their rhythms. Johnny Truant are back: so be afraid!