Ill Nino - One Nation Underground

The members of Ill Nino tried to have a more personal approach in the writing process of this album. And let's put it straight: it is a total success!

No one will disapprove it (not even the band) when saying that their previous albums were not proper Ill Nino albums, that they were only experiments to achieve 'One Nation Underground'. The members of the band wanted to let themselves go, without preoccupying themselves with any kind of barrier which makes this album a personal and authentic one. Do not get scared, they did not loose their identity, you will still find their Latin influences with lyrics in Spanish and Latino jams, especially when you listen to the first track 'This is war', a perfect introduction to the whole album. This first track catches your ear by showing the whole capacity of the band to mix different genres: from metal to more melodic moments, passing by of course Latino jams. Ill Nino, more than ever, show that they have grown up, musically as well as lyrically.

A tribal intro to 'My resurrection' and you are up for another great track on 'One Nation Underground'.
All along the 13 tracks Christian Machados proves that he's able to show a more lyrical aspect of his talent. This album, as stated by him, is 'about society being controlled and divided through all sorts of different influences'.

To prove that ‘La Liberacion of our awakening’ is another masterpiece of this album, mixing heavy guitar riffs and powerful lyrics about your inner issues. Though being softer, maybe less challenging in terms of music, 'All I ask for' has lyrics so powerful and touching that you just forget the lack of risk taken in the music.

'In this moment' once again mixes Latino tunes and heavy metal sound; it is just an album that you can't get bored of, as if each and every track has its own little twist or originality.

'My pleasant torture' starts as if you were about to listen to Julio Iglesias singing one of his serenades. But do not worry; it is simply a beautiful track, showing a more sensitive side of the band mixing at the same time classic Latin guitar and heavy arrangements.

'Everything Beautiful' has a very witty mix of Latino sounds and catchy riffs, mixed with the amazing Machado’s vocals. Overall a surprisingly powerful track that will just make you wanna get all your anger out by singing along.

One Nation Underground is definitely the best album of Ill Nino, where they have finally been able to show who they really were and what they are capable of doing, all this without ever forgetting where their roots were. They investigated a more melodic and lyrical aspect of their personalities and it has lead to a total success.