And they're back

The Darkness return with 'One Way Ticket'. A glorious romp of a number that will have audiences chanting along and loving every minute of it. However that is the problem with this single; if you love the band already you will love them more for dishing out something that can be sung and danced to all night long. It has that party atmosphere to it. But it isn't the sort of number that will convert many over to their exuberant sound. Yes, the drums thunder out at you, yes, the guitars fire riffs with machine gun accuracy spraying the listener with sound and the chorus has just the right amount of hook to it. But it suffers from too much chorus and not enough substance, which unfortunately even the amazing vocals of Justin Hawkins struggle to lift up to the level achieved in their earlier work.

Delivering their own brand of fun, with music that isn't designed to be pulled apart and analysed, but just enjoyed for its own sake The Darkness deliver another slice of sopranic, devilish style. One of those compulsive 'listen to' songs, even if it's so that you won't be the only one that doesn't know the words at the party.