A Bloody Good Feeling

OK. We've waited and wanted, and now our wishes have come true. It's out, and will be on thousands of CD players across the country. The One! The Only! THE DARKNESS have hit the stores with "Love is Only a Feeling". Whether or not you have their album this still is a must have single.

For those few of you who haven't heard this yet it is true Darkness style, soaring guitars, vocals that soar even higher, and heavy bass and drum work that demand that you listen to them.

The second track is "Planning Permission" and these guys must be the only people who could write and perform a rock song about building, with undertones of love. Here is the real gem on this single, with heavy riffs and those tonsil twisting vocals. With such lyrics as "I need a place to keep my spirit level", it's pure genius. Could this be an anthem for all those builders out there, or a signal for tough guys to wear lycra? Whatever it is, its fun, and it's got great rhythm and melody which are some of the hallmarks of this truly phenomenal band.

However, some confusion may creep in when you listen to track three- "Curse of the Tollund Man", but whatever you do don't dismiss this one. It's hard to get your head around on the first play, but listen to it and remember the bands name. This is darker than the rest of their work and a change of style to a degree, but watch out for the guitars, there's a Queen/Thin Lizzy sound to them.

All in all though this is a great single, something old, something new and something different, but all served up with a great big helping of dark fun.

Alongside this CD, The Darkness have also released a DVD of "Love is Only a Feeling", with "Get Your Hands Off My Woman", (Live at the Astoria) on it. If you've been lucky enough to have seen them live then watching this will be a moment of unadulterated bliss.

Love may only be a feeling, but when it's the Darkness we're talking about, it's a bloody good one.