George Michael meets Daft Punk with a cheesy 80s pop edge

Going solely on first impressions, bands can't get much cooler than Geyster; the Parisien duo Gael Benyamin (songwriter, producer, lead singer and all instruments) and Pernilla Gronlund (vocals) met back in 1998 whilst attending the Musical Institute in LA no less, where their first collaboration was The Kites, experimenting with pop-rock, funk and jazz, performing in music clubs across Los Angeles, before convincing producer Joachim Garraud (producer for Jean-Michel Jarre) to work with their new project, Geyster in 2002. A successful summer ensued for the group, with the hit single 'Bye Bye Superman' and the follow-up single 'It's All About You' receiving exceptional airplay all across Europe. The album 'We Love 1984' appeared in spring 2004 but 2005 was also an equally exciting year, seeing the release of third single 'John Clay' and Gael forming his own record label, Somekind Records. After recently making it to number two in the UK Club Chart, the band are looking to really crack the UK market with their E.P., 'Under the Fuse Of Love'.

'Under The Fuse Of Love' is attention grabbing from the first harsh electric chords that jar through your brain before the introduction of softer dance rhythms and funky disco beats. Until the arrival of Gronlund's sugary female vocals, this could almost be a George Michael or even a Wham! track, but remixed and given an electro pop make-over by Daft Punk suddenly it's little wonder why their album was named 'We Love 1984'. Equally, while Grunland again provides the catchy refrain, 'Along The Shore' indulges in the same George Michael-esque elegance, all be it with an even more decidedly cheesy pop edge. It's little wonder this group have been setting the dance charts on fire.