Skindred Ratrace

Skindred's page on ReverbNation states that "this band is so far apart from the pack that any attempt to describe or categorize them is an exercise in futility." This could well be true, as the band pride themselves on the fusion of different styles and genres in their music. To the band and fans alike Skindred's sound is known as Ragga-metal, and the unusual mix of metal, hip-hop, ragga and reggae results in a different type of metal sub-genre that promises fresh and exciting things.

However, Ratrace, the first song from the band's second album 'Roots Rock Riot', may not be a great example of this new fusion sound the band are so well-known for. On first listening the song immediately demands attention, with its grinding bass rhythm and bouncing guitar riff, and the signature reggae flavour of the vocal melody makes for an unusual and appealing contrast. The rapid hip hop and growling gutteral strains of the lead singer Benji Webbe's voice add an extra dimension to the heavy metal-based sound. However, there seems to be a lot more metal elements in this track than reggae. Because of this, the music seems to be quite separate from the vocals no attempt has been made to integrate any reggae elements into the churning drumbeat or upbeat guitar lead, so the track does sound a little disjointed. It's a solid metal song that established fans of the band will no-doubt love, but Ratrace could offer so much more if only the band really took the opportunity of mixing these two sounds together a little more seamlessly to create a truly progressive track.

01 - Ratrace