Elle Milano - Meanwhile in Hollywood

‘Elle Milano’ are a band which think an awful lot about themselves. Any band that manages to compare them selves to three quintessential generation changing acts in one press release must be something worth listening to, right? Hmmm……maybe not.

‘Meanwhile In Hollywood’ is the first release from their “frankly startling” debut album ‘Acres of Dead Space Cadets’, and is somewhat disappointing from an album that promises to startle as well as much more. Promises are something that I would take with a pinch of salt when it comes to Elle Milano’s PR company.

‘Meanwhile in Hollywood’ is nice little song. It doesn’t knock you back, but you nod your head along to it. It is very British. Something I like about the song, and has an anthemic quality about it which always took my fancy with mid 90’s indie music, but it just falls short with something. Maybe it’s the vocals? In fact that’s it. The vocals grate your ears and are some kind of horrible mixture of Jamie T and some other generic 2000’s indie performer.

Nicely paced and well thought out, it wouldn’t sound out of place on some kind of walking away scene in Skins. I’ve never seen Skins. I can’t decide whether I’m too old for it or whether it’s just quite shit. I have, however, listened to ‘Meanwhile in Hollywood’ and know that my general ambivalence towards it is because of one of the above. I hope you listen to it and decide it’s because I’m too old.