A More Commercial Sound

“Beat Your Heart Out” is a more commercial sound from The Distillers and relies more on the group’s overall sound, rather than just Brody Dalle’s heavy and distinctive vocals. It’s a good number, which is fast paced and catchy and shows The Distillers on form as a ‘group’. This should appeal to a wider audience than usual.

“The Gallow Is God” however is an acoustic showcase for Brody. It’s a voice you either love or hate. Here she uses it to maximum effect within the limits of the number and it looks like one for all those lighter waving fans, or the song you’d play after you‘d just split up. But at 4mins 44secs it’s too long and by the end, unless you’re in the above two categories, becomes one of those numbers that you find yourself thinking, ‘hasn’t that finished yet?’