Not as Folky as I thought

The Levellers are a band I haven't really been aquatinted with musically, though I have somewhat interesting background information. It's a band who have been there for ages and so, I figured it was time to give them a listen finally. Normally, I'd be going for bands with double kicks and screaming guitars so poppy, folk stylings are perhaps not quite my thing.

However, I find myself liking this, which I'm quite surprised about. Yes, it's folk pretty much. Sure, there are a couple of odd instruments you wouldn't expect here and there, but non-the-less, it lacks that rustic edge and I'm glad of that. "Before the End" starts off more poppy than anything else, with a slightly moody edge which I wasn't expecting. It does break into the folk though and yet it has a wholesome, simple sound. It won't blow your socks off and I doubt it'll be a massive hit with the fans, but non-the-less, a solid tune.

"TV Suicides" certainly gets across a powerful message and is fairly simple in construction but wouldn't be out of place hanging out with more "in-vogue" guys like Newton Faulkner. I think the Levellers can be happy with this single and I'm sure they will be. I don't think it'll win them many new fans but I might certainly give them more credence in the future.