Million Dead hit back with another great single

Million Dead are back with the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming second album 'Harmony No Harmony', which arrives later in May. What makes this particularly exciting is that it's the first recorded material to feature new guitarist Tom Fowler, who joined the band following former axeman Cameron Dean's emigration to America. Tom's integration has been easier than most, as he once played in metalcore legends Abjure, an astonishingly good band whose only release (sadly) was a split EP with Kneejerk the band that Frank and Ben used to play in. Combine this with the world-beating quality of their debut album 'A Song To Ruin', and you have a single with a lot to live up to. On this front, there is news both good and bad. The bad news is that it doesn't sound like Abjure, the good news is that it still sounds like Million Dead. 'Living The Dream' is undoubtedly MD's most melodic and commercially accessible song to date, and showcases a band that is positively teeming with confidence. Tom's intricate guitar lines actually aren't a million miles away from those of the man he's replaced (just a bit cleaner), and Frank's voice is in particularly strong form; soaring and pleading with all his usual gusto. What is most evident from listening to 'Living The Dream' is how much more comfortable and at-ease Million Dead are. They have grown as a songwriting unit, and if this incredibly composed offering is anything to go by; 'Harmony No Harmony' might just accomplish that most improbable of tasks, and actually raise the bar above that of their acclaimed debut. It's just a shame that the b-sides aren't present on this promo version- I rather like the sound of 'Thrash Medley'.