A hollywood begining and end

Opening with a shimmering guitar led sound Hollywood Ending give a hearts on their sleeves rendition of Angel Town. The beat is held together with simplicity and this is the joy, because you can hear through this just what this band is capable of producing. They do not need to try and sound complicated to impress. There is a great mixture of vocals and music here with the band showing you what you can do with melody if you know how. The vocals are balanced and the guitars, whilst seemingly understated, are the ever present muscle in this number.

The other track on this Cd, Always, with a slightly heavier guitar sound holds together well and is more intense. This is a number that will stick with you once you have heard it. There is something of sunshine in the sound this band produce, which is layered with harmonies and yet has the ability to still stay rock in essence. Always has the feel of a song that would be a great live opener from a band that can communicate their passion in the way that Hollywood Ending can.