No turning back

Opening with “Wanna Be That Way” and throwing themselves into the music with earth shuddering bass and drum lines, Ikara Colt draw the mêlée forward into the stage and hold them there until the last note. Their heavy and attitude-laden sound receives a huge response from the crowd who have been head banging and swaying since the first note was struck. Singer Paul Resende saunters around the stage in time to the tight drumming of Dominic Young whilst the two girls (Claire Ingram- guitar, Tracy Bellarice- bass) move back and forth as though daring their audience to “come and have a go if they think they’re hard enough”. Ikara Colt drag you away from the daylight that pours in from outside, and into a dark and violent world of their own. You are no longer at Reading, but in a dingy room full of steaming bodies all absorbed into the sound straining from the amps whilst the band triumph over their captives. Once this London four piece take you over there is no turning back.

Emily Warner