Pure rock

My previous experiences of two-piece bands haven't been all that great. The last one I had the, ahem, 'pleasure' of seeing was Repairman, in support of Athlete last year. On said occasion, both members frantically rushed around stage, swapping randomly between instruments in a disastrously disjointed set.

The White Stripes, of course, do none of this. What you see is what you get: a guitarist and a drummer, playing their instruments. Jack White does admittedly switch to keyboard every now and again, but it's a fluid change, not a jolted one. No gaps in the music here; his transition from guitar to keyboard is absolutely instant.

The result of all this is pure, undistilled guitar rock, and perhaps the strongest set of the weekend.

The pair played for around an hour and a half, ending with an amazing rendition of Seven Nation Army that put the vast majority of other acts to shame. With some amazing guitar sounds, a stunning vocal throught, and even some remarkable improvisation from both members, The White Stripes put on the best headline act of the weekend. If they'd have had The Darkness' fireworks, they would have been miles ahead.