Bring on the Heavies

Fresh from supporting System of a Down last week at Brixton, I'm not surprised to see these boys at Download. However, I am surprised they've been supporting System of a Down.

It's Download and so 80s Matchbox have pulled out some of their heavier tunes. They seem to be pulling it off though. They sound massive and that's funny from cute boys. They don't look like they should be able to produce such a racket but they really wail.

Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster are a band that I've always liked. When I lived in Camden I'd often see them popping in and out of their van - probably because I lived next door to what was The Monarch, but is now the Barfly. I always liked the idea of a band that do everything together - like a little gang. Today they don't seem so sweet. They pack the Napster tent with their aggression and it's great. They've still got those dreary bass and guitar timbres yet the vocals seem stepped up a gear at the same time. Perhaps System of a Down have rubbed off on them and you've got to give them points for having one of the most random, yet brilliant, names ever.