Good Job!

I always like it when a band decides not to conform to the standard 4-piece set up. How great when Swedish group Quite Your Dayjob wander on stage as guitarist, drummer and keys. No bass player! Mind you, they still pack a punch. Indie-rock guitars over punk drums... this is a definite hit.

Their frontman/guitarist is on something, god knows what, this adds to the entertainment of this band, especially when he introduces "Mr Love Rock" on keys, or on their "love song, Dayjob style- Sperms are Germs!" Vine-esque lyrics with the odd metal growl thrown in for effect means that you can see easily why this band were asked to play.

Pure showmanship can be seen on all parts, and from the keyboardist's leg over his keys during his solo to the jokes in-between the songs, all the way to the drummer walking upstage only to pull a body builder pose. This is one electro-punk group who don't take themselves too seriously. Their songs are really funny but their music compliments the humour. On the right side of punk and my tastes, and at times their music even verges on rockabilly. This is obviously a band to keep your eye on. If you liked The Hives, you're going to love Quit Your Dayjob.